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Sound Stages

SIXTEEN stages and lot locations are currently available at Toei Studios Kyoto for a wide range of visual projects including films, TV dramas, commercials, and promotional videos. A stage with permanent historical sets, and a soil floor which allows the making of ponds and/or a moat, are a few of the unique features at Toei Studios Kyoto, which has a long history of historical drama production.

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Back Lot Locations

These are Back Lot locations for use during actual jidaigeki filming. Toei Studios Kyoto's back lot is open to public as a Toei Kyoto Studio Park's filming facility.

Back Lot Locations

Toei Kyoto Group

  • 東映太秦映画村
  • 東映俳優養成所
  • 東映京都俳優倶楽部
  • 東映株式会社
  • 東映太秦映画村 映画図書館