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Toei makes the most of the expertise developed on jidaigeki sets at Toei Kyoto Studios as well as our activities at the Toei Kyoto Studio Park to put on a variety of productions--sometimes serious, sometimes comical--that range from swordfighting to courtesan shows by our actors. These shows are offered around Japan and internationally as well.

jidaigeki Show

We also offer theme-based shows touching on a variety of popular jidaigeki figures, including the Shinsengumi (Kondo Isami, Hijikata Toshizo, Okita Soji), Sakamoto Ryoma, Yagyu Jubei, Miyamoto Musashi, Ooka Eichizen, Hattori Hanzo, the Forty-seven Ronin, Toyama Kinshiro, and many others. Toei can also develop event concepts (environmental issues, corporate image) or create original productions based on local historical figures.

Shows can be put together for as few as three actors and last as little as five to ten minutes--followed by a "swordfighting clinic" that guests can participate in.

Kembu /Tate Tamura

Tate Tamura is a comprehensive and complete sword dance that showcases the stagefighting techniques that define Japan's jidaigeki period dramas. These shows can be put together with five, seven, nine, or eleven actors.

Street Performance Re-Enactment

We can also set up other types of traditional Japanese performances, including street theater like gama no abura uri, Nankin tamasudari, banana no tataki uri, or kawaraban uri, lion dances, marionette shows, kamishibai paper plays, and more.

Oiran do-chu Parade

Our actors can put on an enchanting procession of courtesans or an awe-inspiring daimyo procession that is sure to lend color and excitement to your event. Audience participation is always an option as well, and we're happy to customize the experience to fit your budget.


We offer shows featuring the female gamblers that were a key presence in Japan's old yakuza films, or we can put on a dice show that recreates an old gambling table in the corner of your venue where customers can participate in games (in accordance with legal restrictions, no cash will be exchanged).

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