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Year Month Events
1951 4 Toyoko Eiga, Oizumi Eiga and Tokyo Eiga Haikyu consolidate as Toei Company Limited. Toyoko Eiga Studios renamed as Toei Studios Kyoto.
1953 12 Double-bill screening called "Goraku-ban" in domestic Toei theatres begins.
1957 4 Japan's first widescreen samurai fiction movie "Otori Jo No Hanayome" is released.
1961 5 Award-winning filmmakerTomu Uchida's samurai epic "Miyamoto Musashi" is released.
1963 7 Tadashi Imai's "Bushido " wins Golden Bear award at the 1963 Berlin International Film Festival.
1973 1 Battles Without Honor and Humanity by Kinji Fukasaku is released. It is the first film in a five-part series also known as The Yakuza Papers (outside Japan).
1975 11 Toei Kyoto Studio Park opens for business. In just its first three days, it attracts more than 70,000 people.
2001 12 Toei's 50th anniversary film "Sennen No Koi Hikaru Genji Monogatari" is released.
2005 12 The 60th anniversary of the war's end film "Yamato" is released.

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